Bibliography of English Language Scholarship on Ezra Pound  

(Assembled and edited by Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda)




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Richard Parker, ed. Readings in the Cantos. Clemson: Clemson UP; Liverpool UP, 2018.





Chapter 1. The Ur Cantos (by Helen Carr) - 9

Chapter 2. Canto 1 (by Catherine Paul) - 33

Chapter 3. Canto 2 (by Peter Liebregts) - 43

Chapter 4. Canto 4 (by Henry Mead) - 57

Chapter 5. Canto 5 (by Caterina Ricciardi) - 73

Chapter 6. Canto 7 (by Walter Baumann) - 85

Chapter 7. Canto 8 (by Anderson Araujo) - 95

Chapter 8. Canto 11 (by Ronald Bush) - 109

Chapter 9. Canto 12 (by Aaron Jaffe) - 121

Chapter 10. Canto 13 (by Alexander Howard) - 135

Chapter 11. Cantos 14–15 (by Andrew Thacker) - 145

Chapter 12. Canto 17 (by Sean Pryor) - 155

Chapter 13. Cantos 18–19 (by Alec Marsh) - 165

Chapter 14. Canto 20 (by Rika Mihalka) - 187

Chapter 15. Canto 21 (by James Dowthwaite) - 201

Chapter 16. Canto 25 (by John Gery) - 213

Chapter 17. Canto 26 (by David Barnes) - 227

Chapter 18. Canto 29 (by Alex Pestell) - 237

Chapter 19. Canto 30 (by LeeAnn Derdeyn and Tim Redman) - 249

Chapter 20. Canto 32 (by Eric White) - 263

Chapter 21. Canto 35 (by Richard Parker) - 273

Chapter 22. Canto 36 (by Mark Byron) - 285

Chapter 23. Canto 37 (by Roxana Preda) - 297


Alexander Howard, ed. Astern in the Dinghy: Commentaries on Ezra’s Pound’s Thrones de los Cantares 96-109. Glossator 10 (2018). Free online.

Mr. Pound Goes to Washington
Alexander Howard (University of Sydney)

Some Contexts for Canto XCVI
Richard Parker (University of Surrey)

Gold and/or Humaneness: Pound's Vision of Civilization in Canto XCVII
Roxana Preda (University of Edinburgh)

Hilarious Commentary: Ezra Pound's Canto XCVIII
Peter Nicholls (New York University)

"Tinkle, tinkle, two tongues": Sound, Sign, Canto XCIX
Michael Kindellan (University of Sheffield)

"In the intellect possible": Revisionism and Aesopian Language in Canto C
Alex Pestell (Independent Scholar)

Deep Rustication in Canto CI
Mark Byron (University of Sydney)

Shipwrecks and Mountaintops: Notes on Canto CII
Mark Steven (University of Exeter)

Revised Intentions: James Buchanan and the Antebellum White House in Canto CIII
James Dowthwaite (University of Göttingen)

Exploring Permanent Values: Canto CIV
Archie Henderson (Independent Scholar)

Canto CV: A Divagation?
Alec Marsh (Muhlenberg College)

So Slow: Canto CVI
Sean Pryor (University of New South Wales)

'The clearest mind ever in England': Pound's Late Paradisal in Canto CVII
Miranda Hickman (McGill University)

Three Ways of Looking at a Canto: Navigating Canto CVIII
Kristin Grogan (Exeter College, University of Oxford)

'To the king onely to put value': Monarchy and Commons in Pound's Canto CIX
Alex Niven (University of Newcastle)


Baumann, Walter and Caterina Ricciardi, eds. Ezra Pound's Green World: Nature, Landscape and Language. Papers from the 26th Ezra Pound International Conference at Brunnenburg, 2015. Brighton: Edward Everett Root Publishers, 2018



Walter Baumann, Ezra Pound and Trees

Stoddard Martin, Sacred Landscape: Lago di Garda in the Work of Ezra Pound and D. H. Lawrence

William Pratt, The Grasshopper and the Ant: Pound's Versions of Pastoral

John Gery, What are Temples for: Spontaneity, Simultaneity and Fortuna in Canto 97

Gerd Schmidt, "Sumerian" Hieroglyphs in Cantos 94, 97 and 100

Massimo Bacigalupo, The Green World in the Autobiographical Myth of The Cantos

Stephen Romer, "The fine thing held in the mind": Painterliness Emanating in Pound's Early Poems and Cantos

Mick Sheldon, Allen Upward's Influence on Ezra Pound's Green World

Jo Brantley Berryman, Pound's Green World: Mimesis, Metaphor, and Magic

Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, The Myth of Daphne in Pound's Early Poetry

Peter Liebregts, "Damned to you Midas, Midas lacking a Pan": Ezra Pound and the Use of Pan

Charles Altieri, Taking Fascist Ontology Seriously: Why "the Green World" Could Not Suffice for the Early Cantos

Giuliana Ferreccio, Pound's Iconic Acts: Rituals and Natural Language in the Early-Middle Cantos

Jonathan Pollock, The Poetics of Cut and Flow in The Cantos of Ezra Pound

Sean Mark, "Two larks in contrappunto / at sunset": Pound and Pasolini After the Fall

Andy Trevathan, Teaching Pound in a Red State

Viorica Patea, Patrizia de Rachewiltz's My Taishan: Confessions in the Pound Tradition

John Gery, "Independence in a Green World": Mary de Rachewiltz as Student and Teacher




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