Bibliography of English Language Scholarship on Ezra Pound  

Assembled and edited by Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda





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  3. Scholes, Robert and David Ben-Merre. Super Schoolmaster. Ezra Pound as Teacher, Then and Now. New York: SUNY P, 2021. Contents: Preface: Back to Basics, by Robert Scholes – Preface: In a Station, by David Ben-Merre – Introduction – 1. Pounding the Academy: The Poet as Student and Teacher – 2. The Critic as Teacher: Pound's "New Method" in Scholarship – 3. How to Read Comparatively – 4. Periodical Studies – 5. The Instructor as Propagandist – Afterword: Schools of Fish, by David Ben-Merre. Abstract.
  4. Webster, Chris. Study Notes Selected Poems Ezra Pound. Third Edition. 2021. Contents: Introduction; Biography; Portrait d'une femme; The Seafarer; The Garden; Salutation; Salutation the Second; Commission; The Bath Tub; In a Station of the Metro; The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter; Lament of the Frontier Guard; The City of Choan; Hugh Mauberley (parts IV and V); Canto I; Canto CXVI; Themes; Style; Pound's Advice to Poets; Examination Questions; Write Your Own Canto; Georgian Poetry; Haiku. "These study notes cover a selection of Ezra Pound's Selected Poems (see contents). They are suitable for any syllabus at advanced level, particularly A-level English Literature syllabuses. They include a biography, questions on the poems, commentaries, sample examination questions, short essays on themes and styles, as well as several extras. The text of all the set poems is included. The third edition includes more examination questions and an essay on Intertextuality."



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  1. Baumann, Walter, John Gery and Alexander McKnight, eds. Cross-Cultural Ezra Pound. Clemson: Clemson UP, 2021.
    Contents: Preface, by David McKnight, ix-x -- Introduction: Six Ways a Sunday: The Cross-Cultural Realm of Ezra Pound, by John Gery, Walter Baumann, and David McKnight, 1-14 -- I. Pound’s Cross-Cultural Genesis -- 1. Pound’s Modern (Metrical) Education, by Ira Nadel, 17-26 -- 2. The First Imagists, by William Pratt, 27-36 -- 3. Pound and/or Franklin: A Reading of Canto 31, by John Gery, 37-50 -- II. Pound’s Cross-Cultural Poetics -- 4. Pound’s Vorticist Theory and H.D.’s “Oread,” by Yoshiko Kita, 53-65 -- 5. Fenollosa and Pound: The Authorship Question of The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry, by Lin Wei, 67-78 -- 6. Pound’s Composition of Canto 16: “j’entendis des voix,” by John Beall, 79-90 -- 7. The Genealogy of the China Cantos, by Kent Su, 91-102 -- III. Pound and Cross-Cultural Questions of Translation -- 8. The Poetics of Queering Translation in Ezra Pound’s Homage to Sextus Propertius, by Christian Bancroft, 105-117 -- 9. Rainer Maria Gerhardt and Ezra Pound, by Walter Baumann, 119-125 -- 10. “Cantos” or “Cantares”? Pound’s Reception in Two Romance Languages, by Viorica Patea, 127-146 -- IV. Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Pound and His Work -- 11. Ezra Pound and Caresse Crosby: From Black Sun to Roccasinibalda, by Anne Conover, 149-162 -- 12. Pound, Bergson, and the Vortex of Memory, by Jonathan Pollock, 163-172 -- 13. Ritual and Performance in The Pisan Cantos and H.D.’s Trilogy, by Giuliana Ferreccio, 173-186 -- 14. A Carthaginian Peace: Kenner, Watts, and the Founding of Pound Studies, by Michael Coyle, 187-202. Abstract.
  2. Parker, Richard, ed. Readings in the Cantos. Vol. 2. Clemson SC: Clemson UP, 2021. 
    Contributors include John R. O. Gery, Massimo Bacigalupo, Dorsey Kleitz, Zhaoming Qian, Mary Ellis Gibson, Michael Kindellan, Harry Gilonis, Akitoshi Nagahata, David Ten Eyck, Jeff Twitchell-Waas, LeeAnn Derdyn, Roxana Preda, Caterina Ricciardi, Sean Pryor, Mark Byron, Henry Mead on Canto 76, free online, Kristin Grogan, Ira Nadel, Alexander Howard, and Ron Bush.
  3. Tryphonopoulos, Demetres P. and Ira B. Nadel, eds. Approaches to Teaching Pound's Poetry and Prose. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2021.
     Acknowledgments -- Preface -- Part One: Materials -- Editions -- Other Primary Sources -- Modem Critical Reception -- Biographical Backgrounds -- Reference Materials -- Multimedia Resources -- Pound and Pedagogy -- Part Two: Approaches -- Introduction, by Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos and Ira B. Nadel -- Teaching the Poetry and the Controversial Poet -- Teaching Celebrity Pound, by Ira B. Nadel -- "Free from Emotional Slither": Gender: Sexuality, and Pound's Ejaculations, by Jennifer Morley -- Pound among the Women, by Susan McCabe -- Anti-Semitism, Racism, and Conspiracy Theories in Pound's Rome Radio Speeches, by Trevor Sawler -- "Out of Key with His Time"- Pound as Poet in Exile, by John Gery -- Pound and Difficulty, by Leonard Diepeveen and J. Matthew Huculak -- Pound's Aesthetics -- Pound's Prosody for the Classroom, by Stephen J. Adams -- Patience for the "Ancients": Studying Classical Allusions in Pound's Prosodic Practice, by Sara Dunton -- Pound and the Early-Twentieth-Century Visual Revolution, by Rebecca Beasley -- Vorticism, the Palimpsest, the Ideogram, and Pound's Understanding of Chinese Historiography in The Cantos, by Jennifer Ryan-Bryant -- Pound's China: Teaching 'The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter" and Canto 49, by Zhaoming Qian -- Pound's Economics and Politics, by Alec Marsh -- Classroom Contexts -- The Cantos in a Quarter, by Brian M. Reed -- Using Electronic Resources and Information Technologies to Teach Pound's Guide to Kulchur and Canto 45, by Anderson D. Araujo -- Usury, Poetry, and Art: Canto 45, by Peter Nicholls -- Pound as Noh Student: The Lessons of Hagoromo, by Carrie J. Preston -- Pound and Periodicals: Editing Modernism, by Craig Monk -- "Poundian Ambition on the Semester System": Pound, the Avant-Garde, and the Academy, by Alan Golding -- Notes on Contributors -- Survey Respondents -- Works Cited.



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