1. Brielle, Jonathan.  Himself and Nora. 2005.
    A two-act musical "that tells the sexy and tumultuous relationship of legendary Irish writer James Joyce and his muse, Nora Barnacle. The story takes place between the years of 1903-1941 in Dublin, Trieste, Paris, Zurich and features a contemporary score with an Irish flare." Characters include Ezra Pound.    
    First staged in 2005 at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.  Revised for the New York Musical Theater Festival in 2012.  Produced at Hamilton Stage in Rahway in 2013.  Opening at the Minetta Lane Theatre, New York, June 6, 2016.
    Review in NY Times; Broadways World
    Blog: Leiter, Samuel L.  "'Himself and Nora': A Portrait of the Artist and His Muse."  The BroadwayBlog, June 6, 2016. 

  2. Syumak, Alexey.  Cantos2016.
    One-act opera for solo violin, chamber choir and percussion based on a biography and works of Ezra Pound.         
    Text in English, Latin, Greek, French, and other languages. 
    World premiere by musicAeterna orchestra and 25 choir singers, under the direction of Semion Aleksandrovsky, in Perm in December 2016.      
    Playbill with illustrations
    Opera, full.
  3. Winther, Frans.  EZRA. 2005.
    Music by Frans Winther.  Libretto by Peter Laugesen based on Ezra Pound's life and poems. Summary and here.
    Three performances by Ensemble MidtVest and Odin Teatret, under the direction of Frans Winther, took place at Knudsens, Nørregade 40, Holstebro, Denmark, August 27-29, 2005.    
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