THOU shalt not, " said Martin van Buren, "jail 'em for debt." 

"that an immigrant shd. set out with good banknotes

and find 'em at the end of his voyage

But waste paper... if a man have in primeval forest

set up his cabin, shall rich patroon take it from him?

High judges?




militarism progressing westward

im Westen nichts neues

and the Constitution in jeopardy

and that state of things not very new either


Without guides, having nothing but courage

Shall audacity last into fortitude?

You are tender as a marshmallow my Love,

I cannot use you as a fulcrum.

You have stirred my mind out of dust.

Flora Castalia, your petals drift thru the air,

the wind is 1/2 lighted with pollen


e Monna Vanna ... tu mi fai rimembrar.


 Many errors,

a little rightness,

to excuse his hell

and my paradiso.

And as to why they go wrong,

thinking of rightness

And as to who will copy this palimpsest?





See, they return, one, and by one,

With fear, as half-awakened;

As if the snow should hesitate

And murmur in the wind,

and half turn back;



His true Penelope was Flaubert,

He fished by obstinate isles; -

Observed the elegance of Circe's hair

Rather than the mottoes on sun-dials.

One year the floods rose,

one year they fought in the snows,

One year hail fell, breaking the trees and walls.

Down there in the marsh they trapped him in one year,

And he stood in the water up to his neck

to keep the hounds off him,

And he floundered about in the marsh

and came in after three days


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