Bibliography of English Language Scholarship on Ezra Pound

Assembled and edited by Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda





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Roxana Preda. A Brief Introduction 1-6



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Notes on Contributors vii-xi

Key to Abbreviations  xii-xiii

Editor's Introduction – Mark Byron 1-5, free online


Part I – Pound's Texts – 7-124

Chapter 1 - Classical Literature – Leah Culligan Flack 9-25

Chapter 2 - Early Medieval Philosophy and Textuality – Mark Byron 26-39, free online

Chapter 3 - Ezra Pound's Pisan Cantos: The Promise and the Limits of the Archive – Ronald Bush 40-56

Chapter 4 - 'Scoured and Cleansed': Ezra Pound and Musical Composition Josh Epstein    57-71

Chapter 5 - The Visual Field: Beyond Vorticism - Rebecca Beasley   72-87

Chapter 6 - Texts of The Cantos and Theories of Literature – Michael Kindellan 88-103, free online

Chapter 7 - Pound and Influence – Richard Parker 104-124


Part II - Ezra Pound and Asia 125-178

Chapter 8 - Pound's Representation of the Chinese Frontiers:  From the War Zone to the Green World - Akitoshi Nagahata    127-140

Chapter 9 - 'A Treasure Like Nothing We Have in the Occident': Ezra Pound and Japanese Literature by Andrew Houwen    141-156, free online and here

Chapter 10 - Ezra Pound and Chinese Poetry – Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas 157-178


Part III - Culture and Politics 179-276

Chapter 11 - The Transnational Turn – Josephine Park 181-195

Chapter 12 - Pound, Gender, Sexuality – Carrie J. Preston 196-207

Chapter 13 - Italian Fascism – Anderson Araujo 208-226

Chapter 14 - Late Cantos, 'Aesopian Language', States' Rights and John Randolph of Roanoke – Alec Marsh 227-240

Chapter 15 - Copyright – Archie Henderson 241-256, free online

Chapter 16 - The Temple and the Scaffolding: The Cantos of Ezra Pound and Digital Culture - Roxana Preda    257-270

Afterword: 'READ HIM' - Mark Byron   271-276



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