The Ezra Pound Society awards an annual prize for the best book and best article in Pound studies.

The prize is a sign of recognition of outstanding scholarly work and promotes the scholar’s writing and career among peers. The society awards $500 for books and $100 for articles.




  1. The award is given to monographs written in English and published within the year under consideration. Edited works and collective volumes will not be considered for the award.
  2. In the decision process, there have to be at least two titles under consideration. In case just one title is published during one year, the society will wait for an additional year in order to decide between a minimum of two titles.
  3. Members of the society make the nominations for the award by writing to the president with their proposals no later than November 15. Shortly following that date s/he will announce them to the community.
  4. There will be a maximum of three nominations in the final phase of decision. If there are more proposals, the president will make a preliminary choice of just three titles.
  5. Nominations will contain information to members about the books considered: author, title, abstract/review/endorsements, and table of contents.
  6. Until mid-December, the officers of the society will seek peer reviewers who will evaluate the books and make recommendations as to their eligibility for the award. Peer reviewing will be confidential and the committee members will commit in writing to data protection.
  7. The president will gather the reviewer recommendations on December 15 - on their basis, s/he together with the advisory committee will take the final decision and announce it at the next MLA conference in January the following year.
  8. The book having received the award will be promoted in the society newsletter and/or website.



  1. The award is given to the best article published in English during the year under consideration.
  2. In the decision process, at least three articles have to be nominated by members. They can send their proposals to the president of the society throughout the year.
  3. The authors themselves can make nominations of their own articles, but in case they published several in a year, they have to choose just one article.
  4. Articles can be proposed until February 13 of the current year.
  5. On Valentine’s Day, the president of the society announces the nominations to members and initiates the review process. After the results of peer review come in, the president together with the advisory committee will use them to reach the final decision.
  6. The award will be announced at the ALA conference in May.
  7. The article and its author will be promoted in the society newsletter and/or website.



If in certain years the society lacks sufficient funds, or the reviews are negative, the officers of the society will wait for the next year to award the prize(s). They will announce the situation to members in due course.

The reviewers will be selected according to their field of expertise: they cannot be thesis supervisors or personal friends of the authors considered.


November 17, 2013


President:                                                                   Roxana Preda

Secretary                                                                     Demetres Tryphonopoulos

Advisory committee:

Demetres Tryphonopoulos

Alec Marsh

Tim Redman

Ira Nadel


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