The monumental facsimile work of reference Ezra Pound's Poetry and Prose: Contributions to Periodicals (P&P), 11 vols. edited by Lea Baechler, A. Walton Litz and James Longenbach is the most reliable and comprehensive work of reference published to date, documenting the running story of Pound's periodical publications in time. As a printed resource, it is invaluable for researchers. However, due to a very small print run and high prices, these volumes have become very hard to access and consult. In the UK for example, there are only five sets available. If a volume is requested through interlibrary loan, it cannot be borrowed and has to be consulted on site in a special collections reading room.

Digitizing these volumes would greatly improve the possibilities of access for scholars all over the world. 

Preliminary negotiations with New Directions as to permission to scan this reference work for closed access (that is for members of the society only) were started in January 2014. A more elaborate application for copyright was made in May 2015. Permision for digitizing the volumes was given on June 22, 2015.

The project was announced at the Brunnenburg Conference on 11 July. The work on Volume I began in August 2015.

The project was completed in June 2018. Warmest thanks are due to all society members who contributed to it by scanning, or donating funds to make work on it possible.

 Last updated 30 June 2018.


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