C245 -  Dialogues of Fontenelle. Translated by Ezra Pound. IX. Helen and Fulvia - pdf

C246 - James Joyce: at Last the Novel Appears - pdf

C247 - Dreiser Protest - pdf

C248 - The Rev. G. Crabbe, LLB - pdf

C249 - Émile Verhaeren, May 21st, 1855 - November 29th, 1916 - pdf

C250 - Things to Be Done - pdf

C251 - Dialogues of Fontenelle. Translated by Ezra Pound. X. Seneca and Scarron - pdf

C252 - A Flock from Oxford - pdf 

C253 - Dialogues of Fontenelle. Translated by Ezra Pound. XI. Strato [and] Raphael of Urbino - pdf

C254 - Editorial - pdf

C255 - Pierrots: Scène courte mais typique [after the "Pierrots" of Jules Laforgue] - pdf

C256 - Jodindranath Mawhwor's Occupation - pdf

C257 - Dialogues of Fontenelle. Translated by Ezra Pound. XII. Bombastes Paracelsus and Molière - pdf

C258 - Drunken Helots and Mr. Eliot - pdf

C258a - James Joyce and His Critics: Some Classified Comments - pdf

C259 - An Anachronism at Chinon - pdf

C260 - Three Cantos I - pdf

C260a - Passages from the Opening Address of a Long Poem - pdf

C261 - Wax tablets - pdf

C261a - An Imagist - pdf

C262 - Vers Libre and Arnold Dolmetsch - pdf

C263 - Aus Étuves de Weisbaden [sic] A.D. 1415 - pdf

C264 - Three Cantos II - pdf

C265 - Impression de François-Marie Arouet (de Voltaire): Phyllidula and the Spoils of Gouvernet; To Madame du Chatelet; To Madame de Lullin - pdf

C266 - Provincialism the Enemy I - pdf

C267 - Provincialism the Enemy II - pdf

C268 - Provincialism the Enemy III - pdf

C269 - Arnold Dolmetch - pdf

C270 - List of Books. Comment by Ezra Pound - pdf

C271 - Stark Realism; This Little Pig Went to Market. A Search for the National Type - pdf

C272 - Three Cantos III. Version in Poetry and Version in Future - pdf

C273 - T. S. Eliot - pdf

C274 - Provincialism the Enemy IV - pdf

C275 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality I: "The Hibbert" - pdf

C276 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality II: "Blackwood's" - pdf

C277 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality III: On Quarterly Publications - pdf

C278 - Elizabethan Classicists I - pdf

C279 - Beddoes (and Chronology) - pdf

C280 - ["Editor's Note," signed: E.P., to] Inferior Religions [by] Wyndham Lewis - pdf


C281 - L'Homme Moyen Sensuel - pdf

C282 - Imaginary Letters. IV. (Walter Villerant to Mrs. Bland Bum) - pdf

C283 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, IV.-The "Spectator" - pdf

C284 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, V.-"The Strand," or How the Thing May Be Done - pdf

C285 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, VI. -"The Sphere," and Reflections on Letter-Press - pdf

C286 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, VII.-Far from the Expensive Veal Cutlet - pdf

C287 - Elizabethan Classicists, II - pdf

C288 - Imaginary Letters V (Walter Villerant to Mrs. Bland Bum) - pdf

C289 - Editorial on Solicitous Doubt - pdf

C290 - Letters from Ezra Pound - pdf

C290a - This Approaches Literature! - pdf

C291 - [Extract from letter to] Poetry - pdf

C292 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, VIII. The Beating Heart of the Magazine - pdf

C293 -  Studies in Contemporary Mentality, IX - Further Heart Throbs - pdf

C294 -  Studies in Contemporary Mentality, X - The Backbone of the Empire - pdf

C295 - Elizabethan Classcists, III - pdf

C296 - Landor (1775-1864). A Note - pdf

C297 - Imaginary Letters, VI (Walter Villerant to Mrs. Bland Bum) - pdf

C298 - Irony, Laforgue and Some Satire - pdf

C299 - William H. Davies, Poet - pdf

C300 -  Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XI - The Bright and Snappy - pdf

C301 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XI [continued] - Hash and Rehash - pdf

C302 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XII - The Emblematic - pdf

C303 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XIII - The Celestial - pdf

C304 - Art Notes. B. H. Dias. At Heal's. [and "Leicester Gallery" (on Jacob Epstein)] - pdf

C305 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XIV - Progress, Social and Christian - pdf

C306 - Elizabethan Classicists, IV - pdf

C307 - A Letter from Rémy de Gourmont - pdf

C308 - That Boston Paper Again - pdf

C309 - The Reader Critic - pdf

C310 - Advice to a Young Poet - pdf

C311 - Music. By William Atheling. Le Mariage de Figaro - pdf

C312 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XV. A Nice Paper - pdf

C313 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XVI. Aphrodite popularis - pdf

C314 - Art Notes. B. H. Dias. The Loan Exhibition at the Grafton [and "Serbo-Croatians" (including Mestrovic)] - pdf 

C315 - Studies in Contemporary Mentality, XVII -The Slightly Shopworn - pdf




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