C1934 - [Letters to Vianney M. Devlin, O. F. M.] - pdf 

C1935 - Ching Ming: A New Paideuma - pdf 

C1936 - Letters to Viola Baxter Jordan, Edited with Commentary by Donald Gallup pdf

C1937 - [Leter and note to Charles Martell] - pdf 

C1938 - La collaborazione al "Popolo di Alessandria" di Ezra Pound - pdf 

C1939 - Appunti inediti per i "Cantos" - pdf 

C1940 - Ezra Pound, Educator: Two Uncollected Pound Letters [edited by] Maurice Hungiville - pdf 

C1941 - Copy of "Note from E. P. to Chak," "March 1949" - pdf 

C1942 - [Letters to Rabindranath Tagore] - pdf 


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