Troyes Illuminated Mdiathque ms.512  Eptres de saint Paul gloses



Contributions to Periodicals

Volume XI: Addenda & Index

Front matter - pdf

Preface - pdf

Table of Contents - pdf 



This volume was kindly scanned by Robin Seguy, September-October 2017.

It was processed and uploaded at the University of Edinburgh in June 2018.

Entries kindly provided by Justin Kishbaugh in 2016 were integrated into the other volumes at their designated places.




C67a - [Autobiographical entry]. Who's Who in America - pdf 

C362a - [An excerpt from a letter to Margaret Anderson, 10 Aug. 1917] - pdf 

C535 - A letter from London - pdf 

C590 - El arte poético en Inglaterra contemporánea - pdf 

C618 - Some Notes on Francisco de Quevedo Villegas - pdf 

C657 - A Passport Collector - pdf 

C871a - Another Literary Supplement - pdf 

C895b - I mercanti di cannoni - pdf 

C1703a - Nazione e moneta - pdf 

C1718a - [A letter to the Mercure de France, 11 Feb 1949] - pdf 

C1933b - [Four Noh plays]. – pdf 

Index - pdf 


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