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Peter Liebregts graduated in Classics at the University of Utrecht in 1986 and took his doctorate cum laude at Leiden University in 1993. He was appointed Full Professor of Modern Literatures in English at Leiden University in 2006.

During the academic year 2008-09 he was co-leader of the international research Theme Group "The (Post)Modern Augustine" at The Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies.

In recent years he has taught courses on the work of J.M. Coetzee, South African literature, "The Long Modern(ist) Poem", "Anglo-American Literature and Art in the Modernist Period", on James Joyce's Ulysses, and on the Iliad and the Odyssey in 21st-century literatures and films in English (e.g. Christopher Logue, Margaret Atwood, "Troy", David Malouf, the Coen Brothers).

In 1999, he received the Premio Letterario Internazionale 'I Siracusani' for his article "Nell'azzuro del mito (Luis Couperus in Sicilia)".


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