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Professor of American Literature at the University of Genoa, Member of the Ligurian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and former President of AISNA, the American Studies Association of Italy.

He is the author of  The Forméd Trace: The Later Poetry of Ezra Pound (1980), Grotta Byron: Luoghi e libri (2001), In Venice and in the Veneto with Ezra Pound (co-author, 2007), and the editor of many volumes of essays and translations, most recently America and the Mediterranean (co-editor, 2003), Ambassadors: American Studies in a Changing World (co-editor, 2006),  In Venice and in the Veneto with Ezra Pound (co-author, 2007), Ezra Pound, Language and Persona (co-editor, 2008), The Politics and Poetics of Displacement: Modernism off the Beaten Track (co-editor, 2011), Ezra Pound’s Canti postumi (2002), and Posthumous Cantos (2015).

He has contributed to The Modern Language Review, American Literary Scholarship, Journal of Modern Literature, Paideuma, The Paris Review, The Wallace Stevens Journal, Notes & Queries, etc.

He is the editor for American literature of the multi-volume Dizionario Bompiani delle Opere (2005),  and a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Italian Literature (OUP, 2002), Anglo-American Modernity and the Mediterranean (2006), T. S. Eliot and the Concept of Tradition  (CUP, 2007), Wallace Stevens Across the Atlantic (Palgrave, 2008), Ezra Pound in Context (CUP, 2010), T. S. Eliot in Context (CUP 2011), Will the Modernist: Shakespeare and the European Historical Avant-Gardes (Peter Lang, 2014), Ezra Pound and LondonNew Perspectives (AMS, 2015). 

Long active as translator and organizer of poetry events and of a yearly Bloomsday celebration in Genoa, he is a member of the jury of the Lerici-Pea Poetry Prize and in this connection has prepared volumes by International Lerici-Pea Prize recipients Seamus Heaney and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. In 2003 he was awarded Italy’s National Prize for Translation. Bacigalupo’s Italian edition of A Draft of XXX Cantos was published in 2012.

Massimo is co-editor of OBIPS - the Online Bibliography of Italian Pound Studies and Associate Senior Editor of Make It New, the digital quarterly of the Ezra Pound Society.

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Professor of American Literature at the University of Roma Tre. She has written extensively on Anglo-American Modernism (Gertrude Stein, W.C. Williams, Wallace Stevens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Djuna Barnes, Nancy Cox McCormack, William Faulkner); on 20th century poetry (Susan Howe, Elizabeth Bishop, Derek Walcott, Peter Dale Scott); and on postcolonial writers (Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Jean Rhys, Michael Ondaatje). 




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Rosella Mamoli Zorzi is Professor at the University of Venice. Ca' Foscari.






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Participation in the SKY-TV Video filmed at Brunnenburg during the EPIC 2015 Conference.



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Luca Gallesi, born 1961 in Milan, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Università Cattolica, Milan, and later in Modern Literatures at Università degli Studi, Milan. He is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Humanities and Law at Università dell’Insubria, Como. Gallesi teaches English Language and Literature at Civico Liceo Linguistico Alessandro Manzoni in Milan. He contributes articles and reviews to national newspapers il Giornale and Avvenire. Over the years he has organized conferences and exhibitions related to Pound, edited proceedings of these events and overseen the publication of books by Pound and by authors recommended by him, chiefly in history and economics. He is the author of a book on Yeats’s “esotericism and folklore” (1990) and of a study on “The Origins of Ezra Pound’s Fascism” (2019). 



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